Chakra Readings and Cleansing

Chakra reading involves seven points of light that radiate from your body in the form of energy. Sally Thompson has the ability to analyze you and various parts of your life using the seven chakras:

  1. Sahasrara:  As the state of pure consciousness, it is represented by the color white. The symbol for sahasrara is a lotus flower with a thousand petals, and can be found at or above the crown of the head. It is related to the pituitary gland, as well as the central nervous system through the hypothalamus. This symbol is associated with inner wisdom and other concepts.
  2. Ajna: This is considered the third-eye chakra, and is correlated with the colors violet, deep blue, or purple. It relates to your intuition.
  3. Vishuddha: Illustrated as a silver crescent inside of a white circle that has 16 sky blue or turquoise petals. It is associated with communication and expressional growth, and is found in the throat area.
  4. Anahata: This is the heart chakra that controls passion and devotion, and can be found in the chest. It is illustrated by two triangles intersected, which represents the union of male and female. It is associated with shades of green.
  5. Manipura: This chakra is the navel chakra, represents by a downward facing triangle surrounded by ten petals and the color yellow. It is connected to the digestive and metabolic systems. It deals with problems such as anxiety, fear, and personal power.
  6. Svadhishthana: This sacral chakra is associated with the genitourinary system and the adrenals. It is represented by the color orange, and it deals with emotional needs, addiction, and more.
  7. Muladhara: This is the root chakra, and is red in color. It exists at the bottom of your spinal cord, and correlates with survival tactics in life threatening situations.

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